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Feel a bit cluttered in your day-to-day life?

Forgot where you put those important documents?

Dealing with a constant mess no matter how frequently you organize?

I'm here to help!

What can a Professional Organizer do for you?

Every stage of life presents a different set of challenges as well as opportunities for enjoyment. Even naturally organized people might feel overwhelmed when trying to keep up with the demands of everyday life. My goal is to help you create and maintain a calm and relaxed environment at home where it will be easy to keep things in place and know where everything is when you need it.

My organizing process involves a few simple but important steps. I will help you sort through everything and determine what you want to keep and need to keep. We will get rid of things you don’t need and find a home for everything else. We will set up systems that match your organizing style to help you keep your home neat and efficient.

I absolutely love that wonderful feeling of newly organized spaces and I know you will too. Imagine how it will feel to walk into the area that has been giving you trouble once it is completely decluttered and beautifully arranged.

I am going to help you organize the spaces in your life like you are my dear friend! As we get to know each other, I promise to value the organizing goals and priorities you have for your home as we work together to make them all come true. I’ll help you make decisions and discover what solutions work best for you and your family.

My Story

About Me

Hi there! I'm Melissa and I'm from the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania area.

I have always enjoyed organizing, learning new techniques and systems, and helping others get organized.

My passion has finally reached a whole new level as I have become a Certified Organizational Specialist.

Melissa Pany

Certified Organizational Specialist

I am certified in multiple levels of organizational skills and have assisted many households throughout the Lehigh Valley.

My services aim to introduce easy to use organizational systems for those feeling overwhelmed by life's clutter.

I love sharing new techniques and systems to help others better manage the chaos of everyday life.

Sunday Basket Professional Organizing Degree from ORGANIZING U Feng Shui Consultant ClutterBug Certified Organizational Specialist

Ready to Sort Things Out?

Virtual Sort

FaceTime or Skype video call

$25 / hr*

  • Convenient and affordable option includes:
  • • Complimentary virtual consultation
  • • Custom, detailed plan for your space via email
  • • Live organization hours via FaceTime
  • • Unlimited email communications
  • • 30-minute virtual follow-up via FaceTime
  • *Minimum 2 hours

At-Home Sort

In-Person Session

$50 / hr*

  • In addition to the hours I will spend in your home I also include:
  • • Complimentary in-home consultation
  • • Up to 5 hours of shopping time for organizational supplies you wish to purchase
  • • Donation and recycling removal at the end of each work session
  • *Minimum 3 hours

All Day Sort

In-Person Session

$300 / day*

  • In addition to the hours I will spend in your home I also include:
  • • Complimentary in-home consultation
  • • Up to 10 hours of shopping time for organizational supplies you wish to purchase
  • • Donation and recycling removal at the end of each workday
  • *1 day = 7 hours

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Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania


Kitchen Organization

Kitchen Organization

Do you have enough room to work on your counters without moving stuff?
Do you have any empty space in your cabinets to put new items?
Do you have matching lids for all your food storage containers, and do you know where they are?

The kitchen is one of my favorite areas to organize because there are so many amazing systems that can be set up to solve issues in this location. I love sorting through the contents of drawers, cabinets, and pantries, and figuring out the best plan to put everything away.

No matter how much storage space you have or the size of your kitchen, I know we can create a solution that will make your life so much easier.

Imagine how much time and money you will save when you can find things quickly and you don’t need to buy duplicates of items you already have.

Closet Organization

Closet Organization

Is extra effort required to squeeze new things into your closets?
Do you open your closet door and feel overwhelmed because you can’t imagine where to find an item you know is in there?

Closets are a natural breeding ground for disorganization because it’s easy to just toss things into these “hidden” spaces and worry about organizing or finding them later. After all, nobody else really looks in our closets, right?

I love pulling everything out of a closet and wondering how “all that stuff” fit in there in the first place. Closet organizing doesn’t have to involve a major expense. I’m a pro at creating inexpensive storage solutions and I can help you choose the option that best fits your budget and your lifestyle.

Imagine how you will feel opening up your closet to see an attractive and organized system that is easy to use.

Laundry Room Organization

Laundry Room Organization

Are your laundry appliances buried under piles of clothes?
Do you have trouble telling which piles are clean or dirty?

No worries - these rooms are often filled with challenges but they are easier to organize than most people realize and make a huge impact.

Imagine actually looking forward to entering your laundry room because it is a beautiful place that inspires you to keep up with this neverending task.

Craft Room Organization

Craft Room Organization

Whether you have an entire room devoted to crafts and hobbies, or just a corner in another room, everyone needs a place to do projects, wrap gifts, and store those types of supplies.

I can help you organize these items in a simple storage system that works best for your needs.

Imagine knowing all of your supplies are already together and easy to access for a quick craft project or gift wrapping task.

Playroom Organization

Playroom Organization

Is your playroom floor constantly covered in toys?
Are you afraid to walk across the floor in your playroom because of what you might step on?
Do you even remember what color the carpet is in that room?

No matter how many children you have or their ages, I can help you develop an easy system to manage and contain their special toys, and more importantly, it will be specifically designed to help them find and put things away on their own.

Imagine having an organized space where your children have easy access to reach and return their favorite toys and space to play with the things they love.

Garage, Basement, and Storage Space Organization

Storage Space Organization

Does your garage hold everything EXCEPT your car?
Is your basement or storage space a bottomless pit of unorganized items?

I’d love to help you sort through your storage areas, purge as much as you want to, and finally set up simple solutions for managing everything that’s left.

Imagine being able to park in your garage again and have ample storage for everything else you need to keep there. Imagine walking into your basement or storage space and easily finding (and reaching) the turkey roaster you only use once a year.

Home Office and Paper Organization

Home Office Organization

To be honest, this is really the area that excites me the most. Whether you work from home or just manage the business of your family, we all need a designated space to keep paper documents, files, and office supplies.

Paper Organization

I truly believe we all have to deal with much more “paper” than we realize. We will work together to create a system that helps you keep track of incoming items, process things that need your attention, and file (either digitally or physically) the items that you need to save.

Imagine never losing an invoice, receipt, or important document again!

The Solution that Holds it all Together

The Sunday Basket

The Sunday Basket® is a simple, yet revolutionary, concept which helps you run your home, stay on top of your to-dos and projects, and frees your mind from worry, allowing you to focus on what needs to get done this week. As a Certified Sunday Basket Workshop Organizer, I will provide specialized assistance for you in virtual workshops or in-person. ​ Sign-up below and bring your current mail, kitchen counter “to do” papers, and ongoing household project documents for us to sort through together.

Sunday Basket Workshops Include:

  • • A physical Sunday Basket in your choice of six colors (Classic Navy, Hunter Green, Org365 Pink, Sky Blue, Slate Gray, Vintage Plum)
  • • 2 hours of live training and coaching to set up and use your Sunday Basket
  • • Slash pockets 1.0 - Rainbow color set of 5 for weekly paper needs
  • • Slash pockets 2.0 - Four color sets of 5 (20 total) for your personal and household projects
  • • A complete set of Sunday Basket printable sheets

Group Virtual Workshop

$97 / session**

  • Includes:
  • • Physical Sunday Basket in your choice of six colors (shipped to your home)
  • • Everything listed above
  • • Conducted online in a FaceTime or Zoom meeting
  • • Unlimited email follow-up communications
  • Held Monthly:
  • 1st Thursday (6-8 pm)
  • 1st Saturday (10-noon)
  • (Eastern Time Zone)
  • **Please note: the complete Sunday Basket system is available through Organize 365 for this same price - $97 - however, if you register for my workshop, you will receive personalized live training and support, PLUS the same physical products at no additional cost. A session is 2 hours.

Private Virtual Workshop

$120 / session**

  • Includes:
  • • Physical Sunday Basket in your choice of six colors (shipped to your home)
  • • Everything listed above
  • • Private 1 on 1 session conducted online in a FaceTime or Zoom meeting
  • • Unlimited email follow-up communications
  • **A session is 2 hours.

Private In-Person Workshop

$150 / session**

  • Includes:
  • • Physical Sunday Basket in your choice of six colors
  • • Everything listed above
  • • Private 1 on 1 session conducted in my home or yours (within a 45 mile radius
  • • Unlimited email follow-up communications
  • **A session is 2 hours.

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Phone: 484-619-3127